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    My wife Wendy I absolutely love Collies! We had our first one when we decided that our kids (and us) needed a companion of the furry kind.  I had always wanted to own a beautiful "Lassie" in growing up with the television show as many of my generation did. That first Collie, Kellie, was a very loyal and sweet addition to our family.  Unfortunately, she developed health issues and we only had her for seven years.  Our lives had gotten very busy so it wasn't until the kids were grown and out of the house that I decided it was time for another dog.  Wendy wasn't as sure but I contacted Miles Collies to check into a new puppy anyway, and put our name in...not telling my wife.  After the puppies arrived, we took a little drive to Miles Collies, with my wife still not really knowing where we were going.  When she figured out what I was doing, she agreed to look but was not ready to commit so, of course we left after picking out our "Jazz" and leaving a down payment!   Whew...!  My ploy worked! And so here we are today, owners of two Collies and becoming even more involved and growing our passion for what we think is the most beautiful, loyal and loving dog there is...oh yes, they are pretty smart too!

    We love all dogs but there is just something about the way a Collie looks at you with their knowing intelligent eyes. They have elegant form demonstrated by the way that they move with their graceful gait, their gorgeous coat flowing with them. There is a reason they were favorites of queens and kings in the royal courts, and that love of the dog has carried over to be the topic of great literature, art and cinema.

    Wendy and I hope we can share our love of the Collie through our dogs and hope you will be able to own and love one for yourselves!


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    Aberdeen Collies

    Kirk and Wendy Davis

    202 Revere Court N.E.

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